UK Election: Rishi Sunak Accept Defeat, Congratulates PM Keir Starmer

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UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Friday morning, July 5 conceded defeat to his main challenger, Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour Party.

Sunak announced his concession shortly after securing his seat at the House of Commons admitting that the election night turned out to be a “difficult night” for his Conservative Party whose 14 years in power were being upended by Labour’s win.

“The Labour Party has won this general election, and I’ve called Sir Keir Starmer to congratulate him on his victory,” Mr Sunak said in a broadcast early Friday morning.

The outgoing PM apologised and took responsibility for his party’s loss while assuring that there will be a peaceful transition of power from the Conservatives to Labour.

UK Election: Rishi Sunak concedes defeat, congratulates Labour Party?s Keir Starmer

“Today, power will change hands in a peaceful and orderly manner, with goodwill on all sides. That is something that should give us all confidence in our country’s stability and future,” added Sunak who became prime minister in 2022.

“I am sorry. I take responsibility for the loss.”

Results are still pending, but the Labour Party now has over the 326 seats needed to take the majority in the British parliament.

The soon-to-be new UK Prime Minister Keir Starmer has addressed cheering supporters at a Labour Party victory rally in central London and pledged “national renewal” following 14 years of Conservative rule.

“You campaigned for it, you fought for it, you voted for it and now it has arrived. Change begins now,” Starmer told Labour staff. “It feels good, I have to be honest. This is what it is for. A changed Labour party, ready to serve our country.”

However, Starmer cautioned that having “a mandate like this comes with a great responsibility.”

“Our task is nothing less than renewing the ideas that hold this country together. National renewal. If you work hard, if you play by the rules, this country should give you a fair chance to get on… We have to restore that.”

He continued: “We have to return politics to public service, show that politics can be a force for good. Make no mistake, that is the great test for politics in this era. The fight for trust is the battle that defines our age.”

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